Wine-tasting, wine testing & wine seminars by auxilio.

Private wine-tasting.
Private wine seminars.

Wine: Inspiration. Passion. Enjoyment. For over two decades now, wine has become an elementary factor in the life of master sommelier Siegfried Daxl. His wide knowledge of rare and noble wines combined with his expertise in the fields of wine marketing and consulting are his biggest assets and he is only too happy to share them with you at one of his popular wine-tasting events.

Impress your friends and relatives, your co-workers or customers with a memorable and informative evening spent in the best of company. You decide what you would like to experience. Are you interested in a particular variety of grape, wine style or region? With master sommelier Siegfried Daxl you can experience an impressive, and comprehensive evening about wine in the comfort of your own home, in your firm, or wherever you wish it to be.

Experience wine-tasting, wine testing or a wine seminar yourself, together with the
charismatic experts from auxilio consult and trade.

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