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Efficiency. Effectivity. Success. We are only satisfied with the best. You too? You can achieve this goal with our help. The character of our business is solidly based on competence and know-how gained from 18 years of working in the wine marketing business both in Austria and abroad, as well as having good connections to selected suppliers, customers and top wine producers from many nations. We can help you access the whole bandwidth that encompasses the enjoyment of excellent wines.

Wine has centuries of tradition behind it. Also modern lifestyle. Enjoyment guaranteed, something for enthusiasts. Many-sided and surprising. What is it though that distinguishes one from another? That makes a bestseller out of a wine? The hue? The bouquet? The taste? What really counts is a carefully, thought-through, individual marketing and distribution concept. This is the only way to ensure that your wine can command the interest that it is due. An exceptional wine calls for exceptional marketing and exceptional distribution strategies.

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