Winemakers´ consultancy: auxilio consult.

Maximise your success.

Knowing where you stand. Which new possibilities are just waiting to be exploited. Recognising together how an optimum can be achieved. You will find our solutions revolutionary. Because knowledge is progress. There is more to your business than you realise. We can prove this to you. Professional business analysis needs specialised knowledge, additional to an understanding of this branch and a strategic vision.

CEO and Master Sommelier Siegfried Daxl worked for many years as a sales manager, as a CEO and on boards of directors, in various countries. During this time he was able to develop a special feeling for this line of business and markedly increased his specialist knowledge. Improve on your success to date, sharpen your market profile and optimise your turn-over – together with auxilio consult, winemakers´ consultancy.
It works like this. Using the data obtained from our professional business analysis, we are able to develop marketable concepts together with you and help with their implementation. Top level winemakers´ consultancy.

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