Wine consultancy in Austria: auxilio consult.

100% successful.
Sustainable and crisis-proof.

The art of optimising a business is comparable with the art of wine-making.

It is all about getting the best out of every grape.

Every business has hidden potential. With the help of auxilio consult, you can activate all resources your winery has to offer and discover the full potential of every season. Years of experience in the branch and a focus on management combine to result in a solid background that can help you find a new dimension to your business and optimise it for years to come.

A professional business analysis determines the status quo and all possibilities for optimisation and efficiency improvement can be worked out. Suitable strategies and goal-oriented marketing then strengthens your position in the marketplace and new customers, with a focus on export, can be found, thus perfecting your sales and marketing concepts as well as your range.

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Be confident in us: Our first class wine consulting service
can place you in the first row, both in Austria and internationally.

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Winemakers´ consultancy: auxilio consult.

Maximise your success.

Knowing where you stand. Which new possibilities are just waiting to be exploited. Recognising together how an optimum can be achieved. You will find our solutions revolutionary. Because knowledge is progress. There is more to your business than you realise. We can prove this to you. Professional business analysis needs specialised knowledge, additional to an understanding of this branch and a strategic vision.

CEO and Master Sommelier Siegfried Daxl worked for many years as a sales manager, as a CEO and on boards of directors, in various countries. During this time he was able to develop a special feeling for this line of business and markedly increased his specialist knowledge. Improve on your success to date, sharpen your market profile and optimise your turn-over – together with auxilio consult, winemakers´ consultancy.
It works like this. Using the data obtained from our professional business analysis, we are able to develop marketable concepts together with you and help with their implementation. Top level winemakers´ consultancy.

  • In-depth exchange of information for a comprehensive understanding of the business in order to recognise the problems and tasks ahead
  • Analysis of all facts and data as well as a compilation of all pros and cons
  • Profile creation: strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – risks
  • Support in the development of solutions
  • Preparation of a strategy plan
  • Creation of to-do lists for practical implementation, including time frames and allocation of responsibilities
  • Help with implementation
  • Periodic service and controlling of all processes

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Wine consulting and strategy development for winemakers by auxilio consult.

Sustainable strategies for success.

Plan today for the future. But what if conditions change? Markets are sensitive. Times change. Demand fluctuates. It is a challenge to plan for the future when there are so many influencing factors. Particularly if goals become impossible or other options suddenly become more attractive. The solution? The right strategy.

Not only are you well prepared for the future with our individual winemakers´ strategy advice and our wine consulting service, your current business success will also be optimised. With our help you can keep abreast of developments and can continually improve your success rates. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Wine distribution strategies by auxilio consult

Optimise your success

Efficiency. Effectivity. Success. We are only satisfied with the best. You too? You can achieve this goal with our help. The character of our business is solidly based on competence and know-how gained from 18 years of working in the wine marketing business both in Austria and abroad, as well as having good connections to selected suppliers, customers and top wine producers from many nations. We can help you access the whole bandwidth that encompasses the enjoyment of excellent wines.

Wine has centuries of tradition behind it. Also modern lifestyle. Enjoyment guaranteed, something for enthusiasts. Many-sided and surprising. What is it though that distinguishes one from another? That makes a bestseller out of a wine? The hue? The bouquet? The taste? What really counts is a carefully, thought-through, individual marketing and distribution concept. This is the only way to ensure that your wine can command the interest that it is due. An exceptional wine calls for exceptional marketing and exceptional distribution strategies.

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