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What makes a good wine? That it is different from all others? Unique in its bouquet, colour and taste? The company it is shared in? Personal preference? The right atmosphere, the right place? As you can see, all these factors are involved in making a wine special and unusual.

This can also be said of our advisory service for winemakers (Consult) and of our wine-dealership (Trade) in Austria. Our customers and partners value our know-how, our global network and our years of experience, not to forget our own passion for fine wines. Our advice is highly professional and discreet, we create business plans and can deliver an in-depth analysis of your company. Hidden potential can be activated, successful strategies developed and your wines well positioned in the most advantageous markets.

However that is not all. In our function as wine-dealers, exclusive distributors and a respected partner, we also sell high-class wines at fair prices from our cellars in Innsbruck. Detailed and individual advice is provided to both private customers and specialist dealers, hotels, restaurant owners und such large firms as Wein &Co., Wagner, Del Fabro, Kracher Fine Wine and many more.

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